Satellite Internet Options for Rural Residents

The need for faster internet speeds has become more crucial than ever. In a world where there is a constant flood of updates on social media, you’re trying to target the right people and every appliance is connected to the internet, you need help from a reliable internet connection to make your life more convenient.

If you happen to be residing in a rural location, the situation can be somewhat frustrating. The lack of heavy infrastructure makes rural internet a not-so-pleasant experience for its users. This is where satellite internet comes in; it offers all the sunshine and rainbows for its users no matter where they may be residing. 

Let us help you understand what satellite internet is and the options you can consider for yourself.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet provides connectivity for all its users with the help of an actual satellite. Data goes through an orbiting satellite in space and then it is transmitted to the receiver dish placed on your premises and then to a modem through which you can access the internet. You can further connect your modem to a router and access the internet wirelessly. There are many providers that offer internet all around the world, so deciding which one is best isn’t an easy decision. You may be thinking, which is better of viasat vs starlink? Well, the majority of providers offer high-speed packages so it tends to narrow down on your location. For instance, if you’re living in a city you’re more likely to receive a higher quality connection, than someone who is based in a rural area.

What does it offer?

Satellite internet offers several exceptional features that no other form of internet service currently does. Some of them are:


The biggest appeal of a satellite internet connection is that it provides coverage even in remote locations. It does not matter whether you are sitting in your living room watching YouTube videos amidst a busy city or enjoying a serene scene in a far off location, you can always enjoy a satellite internet connection.

Doesn’t Require Heavy Infrastructure

One of the biggest problems of providing internet for rural residents is setting up the large-scale infrastructure to build a foundation. All of this requires elaborate layouts and enormous expenses for a company. Satellite internet rids you of all these concerns. Even for a consumer, you do not need to install wires and cables in your home before you can start enjoying the power of the internet.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

DSL and dial up are another option in rural and remote areas. However, the speeds they offer are quite disappointing. Satellite internet, on the other hand, offer pretty amazing speeds, which can even go up to 100 Mbps.

What it does not offer?

Sadly, there are a few downsides to this phenomenal technology as well. Here they are:

Restricted Data Caps

Satellite internet does take away the freedom of enjoying unlimited data in your everyday life. For those who want to enjoy late-night binge-watches and intense gaming sessions, this is not the service to opt for. You should find a different alternative for these activities. 


Such great luxury does come with a heavy price tag. You may save up on installation charges, but the plan subscription fee does make a dent in your pocket. This service is much more expensive than DSL internet and sometimes more than fiber, costing you more than $40 per month.

Highly Dependent on Weather

If you live at a location that is often a target of extreme weather like blizzards, hurricanes, and more, this technology may not be that good for you. Since signal needs to travel to a satellite orbiting in space, harsh weather conditions tend to affect the network’s performance with the worst-case scenario being a complete loss of connectivity.

What are my options?

Now that you have a better picture of what satellite internet is all about, let us also tell you about the satellite internet providers that you can subscribe to right away.


HughesNet is a satellite internet service provider that is beloved by many in the United States. The service provider offers download speeds as high as 25 Mbps and upload speeds as high as 3 Mbps.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy Bonus time zones when you can access additional data during off-peak hours of the day. To find out whether this service provider is available in your region, you can log on to BuyTVInternetPhone right now.


The viasat satellite internet service provider that provides connectivity to numerous rural residents of the country. The service enables you to enjoy download speeds as high as up to 100 Mbps with data caps that are more than sufficient.

The service may not be that cheap but the option to add a phone service and a TV subscription to the mix makes up for all the cost that you have to bear.

Summing It Up

Currently, there are only two mainstream satellite internet service providers catering to the residents of the United States. Both of them provide exceptional service quality and a plethora of appealing features that are enough to convince everyone of their potential. 

Now that we have told you all about satellite internet, it is your job to dig a little deeper and subscribe to the satellite internet that best suits your needs.

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