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How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Are you planning on building a new home?

It’s a big decision, and you’ll want to ensure that the process is in the best possible hands. There are many different custom home builders around, so you might not know who to go for.

Just keep reading our guide to find out how to choose a custom home builder, and you’ll have the house of your dreams in no time!

Consider Your Own Needs

First of all, think about what you need (and want) from your new house.

Make sure you know what budget you’re working with, and decide on what style of house you’d like.

When you’re looking for builders, make sure that they’re nearby — as obvious as it sounds — and that they build the sort of houses you like.

Good Communication

The custom home building process can be complicated, so it’s vital that your builder works with you and communicates with you effectively.

No matter how many questions you have, they should be able to answer them. It’s your house, and they should be mindful of that, including you at every opportunity.

They should be open and transparent throughout too. A credible, quality builder should present you with a clear contract, and will also have proof of general liability insurance for everybody on the team.

Experienced Custom Home Builder

As well as good communication, you want a builder that’s been in the game for a while — a builder that knows how to build a custom home.

Experience and longevity don’t guarantee great quality, but they’re a good indicator. You can look online for reviews from past clients to see if their experience is backed up by quality houses. They’ll ideally have plenty of previous projects to show off to you too, like Fieldstone Homes.

Third-Party Inspection

The best builders won’t shy away from third-party inspections, to keep their work on track as they build your house from the ground up.

They’ll invite third parties to come and inspect the custom-built home at each stage of the process so they know if they’re truly doing their best — it shows that they genuinely care about the house they’re building.

Quality Materials and Care

What materials do the home builders you’re considering use? Ideally, they should be using strong, high-quality materials, and taking great care of them throughout the process too.

Don’t be afraid to ask them what they use, and it’s worth asking them if include energy-saving features in their homes, for example.

They should also keep the site tidy. This is something to look out for in reviews — if a builder is untidy, this may suggest that they are a little careless, or don’t look after the materials they use.

Your Custom Home

When finding your ideal custom home builder, make sure that you follow our tips outlined above, and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your dream home! However, only you know exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask any other questions you might have.

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