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The Top 10 Productivity Tips of 2021

On average, employees waste around two hours a day on non-work-related activities.

Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, it’s easy to succumb to distractions throughout the workday. Perhaps your productivity has slumped and you’re desperate to find a way to reignite your drive.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top ten productivity tips.

1. Eat the Frog

One of the top productivity tips is to “eat the frog”. This is where you tackle the most daunting task on your list first.

If not, you’ll spend most of the day thinking about it, making it impossible to concentrate on your current assignment. Note that if you’re dreading the task because it’s too big, divide it into smaller sections so it’s easier to manage.

2. Stop Multi-Tasking

A top productivity tip is to stop multitasking. In fact, studies have found shifting between tasks makes you 40% less productive.

This is because it takes time and a change of mindset to process new information. As a result, you end up making mistakes which prolongs the task you were trying to streamline.

Instead, focus on one task without distractions so you can produce more creative and better quality work.

3. Do Smaller Tasks in Two-Minute Chunks

Interested in working from home tips for productivity?

Know you should complete smaller tasks in two-minute chunks. This could be replying to emails or posting a Story on your company’s Instagram.

Set your phone’s stopwatch for two minutes, complete the assignment, and when the timer’s up, stop. Don’t worry if you haven’t replied to all the necessary emails, simply have another two-minute session later on. The goal is to avoid wasting a large part of your day on less important tasks.

4. Start With Five Minutes

Lacking motivation can disrupt your productivity levels.

A fantastic way to beat procrastination is to dive into the dreaded task for at least five minutes. Once you’ve broken the barrier, you’ll end up completing the assignment and realize it wasn’t that bad, it was just difficult to get started.

5. Turn off Notifications

One of the top tricks for productivity is turning off notifications. Shut down your phone or silence your email and social media alerts. You can even activate “Downtime” or “Focus” mode so you can only use your work software.

Not convinced? A study from Carnegie Mellon University found muting your notifications for 24 hours improves your concentration and reduces your stress levels. It’s a win-win!

6. Optimize Your Communication Tools

The average employee receives about 121 emails daily which shows how ineffective this communication stream is.

Instead of shooting off emails, use software like Slack where you directly message co-workers so it doesn’t clutter your inbox. Plus, it helps managers create and delegate tasks so the recipient can instantly get started on the assignment.

If you want to learn more about staying productive, check this out:

7. Schedule Breaks

One of the top productivity tasks is to schedule breaks periodically throughout the day. Give yourself 10 minutes to stand, stretch, or make a coffee so you have a break from the screen. Otherwise, you may suffer from computer vision syndrome and get eye strain or headaches.

Breaks also help you cultivate healthier habits such as eating a nutrient-rich lunch rather than vending machine snacks which benefits you in the long-term.

8. Time Block Tasks

Time blocking is when you organize your day in advance by creating slots for certain responsibilities.

Start by identifying the repetitive tasks and prioritize these based on importance. Then estimate how many hours each assignment will take and how much flexibility you’re allowed in case an unplanned event arises like a doctor’s appointment.

Make sure you regularly review your time block plan. Are you working too many hours? Or way less?

Also, ask yourself whether you’ve achieved what you wanted and if you could have met your goals in a shorter timeframe. This will show you whether you’re properly managing your time.

9. Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Exercise

Around 60% of American employees either eat at their desks or don’t have lunch at all.

Eating healthy is crucial as low energy levels make you less motivated and focused. You should also avoid eating a high-carb lunch as it takes more energy for your body to digest so you feel lazy.

Instead, load up on a high fiber, protein-rich breakfast so you’re alert in the morning. Oatmeal, whole-grain pancakes, and eggs on toast are fantastic for this. For lunch, enjoy meals like a chickpea salad, butternut squash quinoa, or an avocado goat cheese wrap.

You should also snack on almonds, sunflower seeds, and drink coffee as they boost productivity. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, as it decreases anxiety, helps you stay energized, and think clearer.

It’s also wise to exercise before work as it raises your energy levels, reduces stress, and prevents feeling fatigue. As a result, you’ll be in a better mood so you’re more focused at work.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Getting seven to eight hours of shut-eye helps your body fight off disease, recharge, and improves cognitive function. This will help you make better work-related decisions and be more focused during work. If not, you risk getting burned out and not enjoying your job so you’re less productive.

To stop overthinking before bed, make a rough to-do list so you know you won’t forget an important meeting or task. This is crucial if you’ve got a busy day so you can start the next morning with the right tools.

These Are the Best Productivity Tips

Hopefully, these productivity tips will help you focus and produce high-quality work.

Always start with the most dreaded task, time block your assignments, and take regular breaks throughout the day. You should also turn off notifications, ditch emails, and eat healthy snacks so you stay productive. Good luck!

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