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Smart Investment Tips for the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world reels from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the unfathomable economic consequences are only beginning to dawn on many of us. The truth is that we have little idea of how this unprecedented situation is going to impact our financial futures. Amid this uncertainty, however, the silver lining of opportunity shines through if you know where to look for it. As any investor knows, market fluctuations in times of crisis provide some of the most exciting chances to cash that you will find anywhere this side of 2007/2008. Here are some companies on the up that you should buy shares in today.

  1. 3M

There are not many companies that looked upon the coronavirus as an almost exclusively positive turn of events. However, large manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as 3M are set to do very well out of the crisis. Today, there is still a severe shortage of quality PPE in hospitals and care homes worldwide, meaning that 3M could be set to do a lot of business in over the coming months. Share prices are almost certain to follow the same trajectory as sales, making 3M one of the most exciting investment opportunities out there today.

  1. Gilead Sciences

The race to find a safe vaccine against the coronavirus is well and truly on. The financial reward for the company that finally cracks the code is set to be of epic proportions. While which biosciences company will manage to win this race remains unclear, a good bet would be the US company Gilead Sciences. If you guess right and invest in Gilead, you could see your investment yield astronomical returns overnight.

  1. Clorox

There has probably never been a time in the whole of human history where people are a conscious of the importance of keeping hands, floors and surfaces clean than right now. As a result, large manufactures of cleaning products are almost certain to see a jump in sales, which should see a concurrent rise in their share values. We just advise you strongly to refrain from ingesting or injecting as one self-important, orange man has recently suggested.

  1. Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

In addition to PPE, hospitals around the world are suffering a severe shortage of equipment to help the legions of unfortunate victims of the terrible disease. In particular, hospitals are in great need of ventilators to help people breathe. One company which could be set to cash in on this shortage is Allied Healthcare Products. The company is currently the largest supplier of respiratory therapy equipment in the US and could make a smart investment opportunity for those who are looking.

With the coronavirus not set to be going anywhere anytime soon, it is best that we all strap ourselves in for a bumpy finish to 2020. However, that does not mean that you should rest on your laurels as far as investment opportunities are concerned. Taking a chance on one of the companies listed above could be a good way to make the best out of a bad situation.

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