How to Teach Yourself Coding


We know. Coding boot camps are too expensive! Fortunately, you don’t need them anyway.

On average, computer programmers made $89,190 in 2020, so taking the time to learn coding can be well worth it. You’ll be happy to learn that even though courses and coding boot camps can be expensive, teaching yourself coding is actually a fairly straightforward process.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to learn how to teach yourself coding.

Set a Goal

When trying to teach yourself how to code, it’s a good idea to start by setting some.

If you want to get a programming job and put your skills to use, you should have an idea of what kind of job you may want. You’ll need to do some research on different types of coding jobs to get an idea of what you’re interested in.

Whether you want to become a front-end developer, a web developer, a full stack developer, or simply want to learn to code to work on personal projects, getting an idea of your goals can be helpful for choosing your next steps.

Keep in mind that if you need coding assistance for a project, you may want to hire a coder instead of learning how to code yourself.

Pick Your Programming Languages

After you have an idea of what kind of job you’re looking for, you can start choosing programming languages to learn. From here, you can decide which programming language you’ll need to learn in order to fit into that role. While you can change your choice later, having a goal to start with is helpful.

A quick Google search will help guide you on which languages are needed for the specific role that you would like to fill. By starting with these programming languages, you’ll avoid wasting time on learning programming languages that you won’t actually use.

Find Learning Resources

Once you know what kind of job you’re looking for and which programming languages you’ll learn, you should find some resources to use.

Be sure to look around for online courses that you can use to learn to code. You might want to look on Udemy or Coursera to start. There are also great video tutorials on YouTube and many books that you can learn from as well.

Also helpful is to find a coding community that you can join. Look for online Facebook groups and other communities where you can get mentoring and guidance when you have questions or hit roadblocks

Work on Projects

A key part of becoming a programmer and learning to teach yourself coding is to put what you’re learning into practice.

You need to choose some projects to work on to put your skills to use and build something. You may choose to develop a simple app or create a website that showcases your skills and puts them to use.

Developing these hands-on skills can help you when it comes time to hunt for a job and you can place these projects into your portfolio to show potential employers what you’re capable of.

Understanding How to Teach Yourself Coding

If you want to learn how to teach yourself coding, be sure that you follow all of the steps listed above.

Be sure that you’re working both smart and hard when learning to code. Focus on learning the programming languages that will help you reach your job or career goals, first and foremost.

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