How the Wrong Web Designer Can Spell Disaster

So you’re trying to hire a web designer. How hard could that be? Not that hard, but there are a few things to look out for while seeking out a web designer that could serve as red flags. Here is a little insight into how and why the wrong web designer can spell disaster for your business, and how to find the right one for the job.

1. Red Flag: They Don’t Have a Business Website

A professional web designer who is looking for clientele will have a professional website where they can show samples of their work, list their credentials, show price ranges for their commissions and services, and more. By having an independent website as a professional, they are signaling to potential clients that they are consistent, trustworthy, and ready to work with you. While results may vary considering all artists and designers have different skills and personalities, the reality is that you are better off with someone who has a website rather than someone who doesn’t. It says that they aren’t working on web design at the level that is appropriate for what you need.

2. Red Flag: You can’t find Customer Reviews

Even negative reviews tell you something! If there aren’t any reviews or testimonials whatsoever for a web designer and their services, this is a clear signal to keep moving and look for someone else. While every designer needs to start somewhere, you aren’t at a point where you can do a favor to a beginner and need to invest in your own growth. Let newbies build their portfolios elsewhere and invest in fine-tuned and professional web design services.

3. Red Flag: They Aren’t Clear About a Work Timeline

Let’s say that you have reached the stage of negotiations with a web designer that you like. You were drawn in by their aesthetic choices, their vibe, their clientele, or something else. But when the discussions start, it’s impossible to get them to give you any kind firm outlook on their availability. They say they might be able to have it down in a certain number of weeks, or their schedule is packed and they might be able to start at a certain time. If they are unable to fit you into their schedule with clarity, specificity, and a sense of trust that they will keep you updated on the progression of the project, then you need to walk away.

4. Red Flag: They Don’t Know What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimization and other virtual marketing strategies are crucial to the success of your website. Being able to draw in web traffic is the core of what can make your website and business grow. Without knowledge of this, you are trying to drive a car down a dead-end street, so to speak. A lot of the nuances of virtual marketing strategy involve design and labeling aspects of website creation that a web designer must know to give your site the best chance of success. If the person you are negotiating with knows nothing about SEO or virtual marketing strategies, move on to another candidate.

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