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Companies Getting Creative to the Reality of the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has had a particularly brutal effect on businesses great and small. Almost every industry relies on some form of human contact or other, but the necessary social distancing measures laid out by governments have prevented this from being possible. Read on to find out how some creative companies have found innovative ways to carry on in a working environment that many have dubbed “the new normal.”

  1. Frame

When the coronavirus hit, London-based fitness company Frame was forced to close its gym. To replace the services usually offered, Frame had the bright idea of taking its fitness classes online. It quickly launched an online subscription service which offers a full range of guided sessions to help people stay mentally and physically fit during this difficult time

  1. Budweiser

If you are of a certain age, you will certainly remember the Budweiser commercial that had friends screaming “Wassssssup!” at each all across the world. Well, the smart folks in the marketing department at the US alcoholic drinks giant quickly jumped on the opportunity to bring back the iconic advert, but this time with a coronavirus twist. Instead, sitting around drinking together and watching the game, the friends share a beer over the phone in respect of the social distancing measures while shouting the oft-repeated Wasssssup phrase.

  1. SunCrafter

SunCrafter is a Berlin-based startup that aims to bring its eco-friendly SolarHubs both urban environments and rural areas. It took part in a hackathon hosted in Estonia designed to bring coders together to tackle some of the novel challenges associated with life in the new normal. The company used the hackathon to come up with an ingenious way of washing your hands using ultraviolet light as a disinfectant. The idea was such a hit that SunCrafter ended up winning the main prize.

  1. Cheeky Food Events

Cheeky Food Events is an Australian company that provides bespoke corporate team-building events based on cooking. Like many other hospitality companies, it found itself severely hamstrung by the social distancing advice of the Australian government. Where any normal business like this might have stopped operating under such challenging situations, Cheeky Food Events took its activities online complete with chef instruction and ingredient home delivery.

  1. Fish Tales

Fish Tales is a bar in Ocean City, Maryland that has gone viral during the pandemic for its innovative solution to social distancing. The bar has built its own “social distancing tables” to help punters to stay a safe distance apart when drinking. The tables basically consist of an inflated tractor tire suspended on Zimmer frame-style trolley. Drinkers have to stand inside the hole in the tire if they want to enter the premises.

The businesses mentioned above have shown us that where there is a will, there is certainly a way. Carrying on in the new normal is going to require many more examples like these, but we think that businesses will be up to the challenge.

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