3 Top Business Security Cameras For the Best Surveillance

Do you worry about theft at your place at business? Has it happened already? Unfortunately, our workplaces aren’t always as secure as we’d like them to be.

As a result, it’s no surprise that workplace theft happens more often. Wouldn’t it be nice to always know what happens on your premises? You want to find a way to deter any possible issues.

If you want to prevent any security issues at your workplace, you should find the best business security cameras.

These cameras can keep an eye on both the inside and outside of your business. This guide will advise you on the best security cameras to protect your business.

1. Panasonic WV-S3131L Dome Camera

This is a small camera that is only 2 inches tall. It has a diameter of 4.1 inches. As such, you can keep this camera in a hidden corner or any area not easily visible. By the time a burglar sees the camera, they’ve already been caught!

The camera records in 1080p and ranges from 24 to 60 frames per second. You have a wide field of view and you can alter the angles.

It has an infrared LED light that can record at night. This makes it work well for recording after-hours. There’s also a microphone that records clear audio. It also has motion sensing and can send notifications to you.

2. Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera

This is a great security camera system that includes up to 6 cameras. The cameras have 2K video quality. It’s also got a spotlight that can record at night or in low light. There’s also motion detection for automatic recording when the camera notices unusual movement.

There’s a 160-degree viewing angle so you can get a wider scope to record your premises. You can install one camera for each room in your workplace.

If you use assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant, this camera system integrates well with them.

3. Choose Hidden Cameras

You also want to choose a few hidden cameras of your choice within your premises. Great options are a USB charger camera or a Nanny Cam. These are great to keep an eye on the most sensitive areas in the workplace.

For example, do you have a safe at your workplace? If so, you want to install one or two mini hidden cameras in the safe. You can also keep hidden cameras in your private office and in the lobby of your business.

Make sure that you inform your team that you are installing hidden cameras. You shouldn’t place these cameras anywhere that can infringe on someone’s privacy. These hidden cameras are only to deter potential criminals.

You can also learn more about how these hidden cameras make it easier to help law enforcement if there are any major issues.

Invest in Business Security Cameras

Now that you know the best business security cameras, make sure you take the time to install them in your workplace.

It’s best to install these cameras outside and inside your workplace to deter criminals.

Make sure you take your time to review your video footage on occasion. This is to see if there are any potential threats to your business.

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