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We are the unrivaled leaders in user retention.

Our loyalty engine helps developers create and optimize their in-app retention strategy, while engaging users and building a comprehensive understanding of their behaviors.

How do we do it?

User acquisition is only the first step; keeping users in-app and getting a thorough understanding of what’s driving their decisions is a combination of:

  • Insights from machine learning and predictive modeling
  • Behavior intelligence through AI
  • User level personalization
  • Magic
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Retention IQ

Meet Synapse, the backbone of our AI technology. Personalization is the key to strong user retention, so unlike any other platform each individual user experience will auto-evolve and optimize over time based on their specific user behaviors and interactions both in your app and from aggregate data collected across millions of users and thousands of ecosystems. The result is a perfectly curated 1:1 user experience built to keep your users coming back every day and spending more time in each app session.

Do more with your data

With IQ Dash and our data algorithms, you can split your users into cohorts for A/B feature testing and get a detailed understanding and what works best for each segment, while leveraging those insights to make smart decisions.

Working with Brands

Instead of investing in stale ad formats, we help brands reach their audiences with carefully curated content to increase engagement and create positive rapport with their users


Target the highest value users and access audiences through the leading DSP’s, agencies, and Trading Desks


Get your brand in front of millions of people a day through both real and virtual rewards


Target audiences through our proprietary segment algorithms based on demo, behavior, and interest


Our reporting tools are always at your fingertips to ensure you have the data you need to optimize every campaign
Earning the trust of the most innovative brands
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"We’re always looking to do something different that makes a huge splash and we worked closely with Lootsie to do just that. We were all very impressed with the results on our end.”

 - Morgan Petti, Associate Director, Mobile - OMD (Toys ‘R’ Us)

Lootsie Labs

Rapid evolutions in technology are constantly changing the way brands can interact with their audience, so we partner with the most innovative advertisers to create big idea mobile experiences that pair the latest technologies with the most creative minds.
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